What does it take for three young men to stick together for 6 and half years, living entirely off of what they could carry on their bicycles? Whether bicycling through the Darien Gap- the densest jungle on the planet, crossing a 17,000’ Himalayan Pass in the middle of winter, or negotiating diplomatic hurdles of the Middle East and Asia, Steve Williams and his two companions Tim Young and Peter Wuerslin relied on each other and worked together to maintain their safety, sanity and complete their goal of riding bicycles around the world. The Too Tyred Tour’s continuous and entirely human-powered route, (except for actual ocean crossings) took the team from Jackson Hole to Buenos Aires; Capetown to Alexandria; Gibraltar to Muscat; Karachi to Kunming; Bangkok to Singapore and the width of Australia from Perth to Sydney. Adventure speaker Steve Williams brings this exciting illustrated program brings to light how planning, perseverance, teamwork, ingenuity and a bit of luck can bring a seemingly impossible vision to reality.

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