After bicycling 1580 miles through remote sections of Southern China, Laos and Thailand, Steve Williams pedaled into the city madness of Bangkok on January 3rd, 1999. His arrival marked the completion of a geographical and political puzzle that had haunted him for 14 years– to ride his bicycle overland from the Rock of Gibraltar to Singapore. This complicated route was part of the original Too Tyred Tour bicycle expedition plan. The team almost pulled it off when they were stopped in Kunming and left China by air before beginning to cycle again in Bangkok, Thailand. When the border between China and Laos opened in 1997, Steve saw his chance to complete the “missing link.”

In this engaging and often funny illustrated adventure program, Steve deals with questions like: How do you respond when your host in a remote Chinese village suggests, “eldest daughter would make good wife?” What do you do when you’re told that drug lords ahead control the only road? And how do you navigate one of the world’s busiest cities on the busiest traffic day of the year?

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