Adventure cyclist Steven D. Williams has presented illustrated slide lectures of his around the world by bicycle expeditions at prestigious venues across the country. His bicycle adventures have been the focus of articles in local and national print media, as well as television and radio features. Here are a few comments about Steven’s presentations:

"Standing ovations are a rare occurrence here.
The large audience's hearty response last evening reflected not only enthusiasm for your exciting bicycle accomplishments, but also enchantment with the charming way you described your wonderful experiences."

-The Smithsonian Institution

" We were very pleased with your presentation, and thought you did a marvelous job combining the spirit of adventure behind your expeditions with insights into the people and places you visited. You conveyed all of this with humor and charm. Our sold-out audience was clearly captivated both with your story and with the stunning photographs you presented."
-The National Geographic Society

"Your presentation and photographs did a marvelous job of carrying the audience out of the hall and on to the road with you. I can't think of a better way to get people excited about traveling in general and cycling in particular."
-The Greater Seattle Bicycle Expo

"Thank you for your outstanding presentation. Your stories, sense of humor and incredible images made for a fun and memorable evening. I received numerous comments from the audience and staff on how much they enjoyed your program"
-Denver Museum of Natural History

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