Whether you're planning to ride around the world for a year or around your state for a weekend you're sure to find some helpful hints in these tricks and tips garnered from Steve's 26+ years of touring.

1. Air Travel
Depending on your country of origin some airlines may want you to put your bike in a box… and some will charge you an arm and a leg (both of which you will need for your trip). Boxing bikes to withstand the abuse of baggage handling is almost an exercise in futility - but it can be done well. My rule of thumb is that once the bike is packed away you should be able to walk on the box!

2. Money
Can't travel without it! In Europe it's no problem to travel with a credit card or ATM card and in most cases you'll get a better exchange rate than what you'll get exchanging cash or Traveler's checks. However, beware of potential fees for cash advances piling up at home. Try to have somebody manage your banking at home. In Asia, the more remote, and subsequently more interesting places, have never seen an ATM. It's changing fast, but outside the major cities you'll need ample amounts of local currency and in as small a paper denomination as possible.

3. Language
If you are heading off to a part of the world where English is not an official language and you want to have the best possible experience - get a phrase book and start practicing. For example, I love bicycle touring in France, but it wasn't always that way. My first tour there was a cultural disaster. Later trips to France were much more successful because I was willing to make a fool of myself linguistically speaking.

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