In 1996, when Steve set out with 3 partners set out from Kunming, China The famous Burma Road had never been traversed by bicycle or by any “foreign guests” for that matter.

The Burma Road is truly one of the most amazing engineering feats of WW2 and its construction cost thousands of lives. Winding its way from the high Yunnan plateau to the lowlands of the Mekong and Salween Rivers, then back up to the towering heights and rugged terrain of the southeastern-most parts of the Himalayas, the Burma Road created a critical supply line between China and Myanmar (Burma.)

From stories of creatively coping with torrential rain to an unforgettable encounter with an old man who witnessed the road’s construction, to dealing with defeat at the Burmese border, adventure speaker Steve Williams brings modern China to life in a program that will inspire, inform, intrigue and entertain.

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