Steven D. Williams is comfortable in any situation likely to be encountered in international bicycle travel. As a member of the Too Tyred Tour™ cycling team, Steve bicycled around the world on six continents and in the last two decades he has traveled more than 120,000 miles in 70 countries. Whether camping on the plains of Africa or enduring four-star dining in Europe, his enthusiasm for bicycle travel and adventure is inspiring.

Ultimately, Steve’s mission as an adventure cyclist is two-fold. First, he strives to further cross-cultural understanding one person at a time, sharing with each person he meets on the road a sense of curiosity, compassion and community and bringing those same sentiments to audiences back home. Secondly, Steve is passionate about bicycles. Through his public speaking tours he is committed to spreading the word about the simplicity, efficiency, low-impact and opportunity for intimate cultural interaction afforded by this elegant mode of exploring our world.

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