"Anything is possible until proven otherwise" - Steve Williams

When audiences leave one of adventure public speaker Steve Williams’ bicycle adventure slide programs it is with an overwhelming sense of the possible and an irresistible urge to dream. And often a desire to go out and jump on their bicycle!

Steve’s slide illustrated programs not only motivate and entertain, but they educate as well. From geography and climate, to history and the nuances of culture, audiences, both young and old, gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the world.

The National Geographic Quest for Adventure Series says, “our nearly sold-out audience was clearly captivated both with your story and with the stunning photographs you presented.”

And The Greater Seattle Bicycle Expo wrote “your presentation and photographs did a marvelous job of carrying the audience out of the hall and on to the road with you.”

Watch here for a schedule of Steve’s upcoming adventure lectures

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