Steven D. Williams has ridden his bicycle around the world and is an adventure public speaker presenting multimedia programs of his bicycle expeditions to audiences around the world.

Riding entirely unsupported, Steve’s bicycle expeditions have taken him across all six inhabited continents. Steve has logged more than 120,000 touring miles in 70 countries bicycling through some of the world’s most remote regions including the road less jungles of The Darien Gap, the 15,650 foot Nylam Tong La Pass into Tibet, the Pamir Mountains of the Central Asian Silk Road, across the arctic tundra of the Mackenzie River Delta and the wind-swept plains of Patagonia.

Steve Williams’ public speaking programs have inspired audiences ranging from armchair adventurers to business leaders. Sold out audiences at the National Geographic Society and The Smithsonian Institute have been captivated by stories of his exhilarating around the world bicycle adventures.

As an adventure cyclist, Steve Williams’ accomplishments have been covered in a wide variety of media including Outside Magazine, The Today Show, National Public Radio and many local and national newspapers.

The 6 Continents Quest
On Oct 5th, 2003 when Steve pedaled into Jackson Hole Wyoming after 2,500 miles and ten weeks on the road he became the first American, if not the first person in the history of cycling, to have pedaled the length or width of all six inhabited continents. An amazing goal that covered nearly 70,000 miles, not to mention countless adventures.

Photo Gallery
Touring around the world by bicycle has allowed Steve a unique glimpse of the entire planet. Featured in the Explorer’s Journal, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal and Bicycling Magazine, as well as in multimedia presentations at the United Nations, Microsoft and Avon, Steve Williams’ rich photography captures the diversity of people, places and adventures he has experienced.

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